Attention All Providers: Infinedi Payer List & Payer ID Matching

Date:   2/20/2012

Previously published on 11/02/2010, 12/01/2011, 01/18/2011 & 09/19/2011

Infinedi has released another version of our website that includes a searchable payer list .  Payers can be searched and sorted by:

·         Payer ID

·         Payer Name

·         State

·         Description (Payer Type)

·         Professional (CMS 1500 or ANSI 837P)

·         Institutional (UB 104 or ANSI 837I)

·         Claim Enrollment Required?

·         Accepts Secondary Claims? (Electronically)

·         Returns ANSI 835 (Electronic Remittance Advice—ERA)

Payers can also be filtered by:

·         Show All Payers

·         Show All Workers Comp Payers

·         Show all National Payers

This new payer list will provide more detailed information about EDI enrollment requirements, ERAs and routing of claims to State, Commercial or Workers Comp Payers.  Traditionally, Infinedi has always matched on payer name and address for purposes of claims routing.  Infinedi will now be able to match on Payer ID.  Claims without payer IDs will continue to match on payer name and address.

Payer ID Matching – Implementation Schedule

·         Worker’s Comp claims began matching on Payer ID as of November 1, 2010. 

·         State and National Payers began Payer ID Matching as of November 15th, 2010.

Provider Action:

It is imperative that you update payer IDs in your practice management software or you may experience claims routing issues and errors on your payer reports.  See our user instructions for new payer list  and pay special attention to the instructions on Payer ID matching.  User instructions are also located under downloads tab/customer service documents on our homepage.  “Like” us on Facebook   to receive automatic alerts as soon as they are published.  Infinedi values your business and welcomes any questions or feedback.  Call 1-800-688-8087  or visit us at